Price list for concierge service

Membership price list

Infrequent Use Membership for an individual

Is only £95 per week. You control when it starts and stops.

Infrequent Use Membership for a company (under 49 employees)

Is £145 per week. You control when it starts and stops.

For more frequent use, please call us with the details of your requirements to receive your free quotation and easy payment arrangements.

Membership gives you access to our friendly and helpful staff.

We are happy to then provide quotations for your individual needs and wants.

We deliver a very wide range of services and the price varies depending upon your needs, duration, delivery dates and times etc.

Quotations are available from Monday to Saturday 9am to 5pm on telephone number: London +44 (0) 203 371 9616. Alternatively, use our helpful online website assistant below ensuring that you remember to provide your e-mail address at all other times. Finally, you can reach us by  e-mail at: en*******@co*********************.com

Concierge Services London Helping the elderly



Day rates per person.

Discounts available for more than 1 person.

First day £35 per hour
Day 2 – 61 £29 per hour
Day 61 -364 £25 per hour

Price list for concierge service (Continued)

Your instructions

Concierge Services London can only provide services upon your written instruction via an e-mail from your normal e-mail account.
Only when we have (a) confirmed our willingness to provide those services and (b) after we have received your deposit is a booking confirmed.

Day rates per person.

First day £35 per hour
Day 2 – 61 £29 per hour
Day 61 -364 £25 per hour


Full payment is required 48 hours in advance


From time to time Concierge Services London may incur expenses on your behalf as we seek to fulfil your requests.  These will be itemised separately.

 with you before the last day of service provision and charged separately.


For our mutual convenience, we will send invoices and updates on our service provision and subsequent charges to you by e-mail.

Terms and conditions

Our terms and conditions of service provision can be found at the bottom of this website. Verbal assurances by our representatives are not allowed to supersede these documented terms. Always seek written confirmation of any variation in service provision and subsequent charges.

Critical updates

Our client/s is deemed to be the person who benefited from the service. Whilst we may accept a booking by an intermediary or another third party we will require by the end of the first day of provision of service, the beneficiaries e-mail address to allow us to inform them of any changes in arrangements that might impact their plans that are time-sensitive.

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