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Pay for services

Pay for services and make deposits for future services to be purchased from Concierge Services London securely below. We accept all major debit card and credit cards.  Paypal payments can be made at the bottom of our website. Contact us by telephone to make other forms of payment. When you receive your next debit card or credit card statement, your payment to us will be identified by our company name. When booking our services, please allow for the appropriate time it takes for your payment to arrive in our account. Thank you for choosing us. Please enter your details below, using the title and message sections to confirm the services that you require.

CREDIT CARD PURCHASES Please Note: Due to the rising incidence of credit card fraud, we will only accept credit cards where delivery of the products is to the same address as that to which the card is registered.
If delivery has to be to a different address please use one of the alternative methods of payment or call us to discuss other options.


Pay for services. We accept all major debit and credit cards
We accept all major debit and credit cards

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