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Concierge Service            

Concierge Service at CSL will leverage our brokerage services and partnerships to access a range of first class services on your behalf for a sum that may be less than you might think. This will allow you live comfortably, not in the short and medium term, but for some time to come. We will review the quality of the services that you receive from us to ensure that it remains at an exceptional standard and good value.  Indeed we will seek to add value to these services to ensure that you remain with us as time goes by.

We stand by our name.

Concierge meaning. Concierge definition.

The word is French and means a “keeper of the keys.” The roots of the title, “concierge” is from the Latin word conserves, meaning “fellow slave.” During the middle ages, concierges would hold the keys to each guest room in the castle ensuring that nobility had everything they needed during their stay. More recently they might be a resident caretaker of a block of flats or a hotel. Today they assist guests by performing a range of tasks such as making  reservations at restaurants, hotels, spa and booking transportation like taxi, limousines, airplanes, and boats, as well as coordinating porter service. A personal concierge is someone who will make similar arrangements and also run errands.

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Concierge Service London defines the role of the concierge as that dignified individual who will tactfully work tirelessly in partnership with a network of people to provide you with access to a better work life balance right where you are.

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