Facilities Management London

Facilities Management London

Facilities management London

Facilities management London team at Concierge Services London provides a multi-disciplinary function that contributes to the delivery of an organisation’s strategic and operational objectives.

Facilities management requires the development, co-ordination and management of all non-core (building and business support) services in ways that assist organisations to achieve their strategic objectives. Concierge Services London have facilities managers that will manage the physical infrastructure that enables critical business operations to function and we play an essential role in managing an organisation’s exposure to risk.

Facilities managers at CSL are responsible for many diverse functions and activities and their role can vary between different organisations and across private, public and voluntary (or not-for-profit) sectors.

The first involves using the organisation’s capital
resources, especially property, physical plant and facilities.
The second means managing the organisation’s support services, both routinely and in emergencies.
These two management roles integrate three main activities:
1. Property management (real estate);
2. Property operations and maintenance;
3. Office administration.

Our facilities managers are uniquely positioned to influence your organisation’s approach to corporate social responsibility positively through our sustainable facilities practices, supply chain activities

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