Concierge Recruitment Company Services

Concierge Recruitment Company Services


Concierge recruitment company services seeks to add value to the services that your organisation already provides to your clients. We offer a substantial range of functions but we want to draw your attention today to our cost effective front of house corporate services. This will include the following:

  • Greet visitors
  • Answer reception telephone
  • Assist visitors carry items to destination location
  • Patrol ensuring that the location is secure
  • Deal with deliveries
  • Deal with queries from visitors, staff and residents
  • Ask for feedback on provided services and resolve clients’ complaints
  • Complete logs and reports
  • Follow best practice health and safety regulations
  • Provide clients various small errands
  • Show visitors the way out
  • Ensure visitors have access to appropriate exit transport
  • Providing an all inclusive service that responds positively to an extensive range of other ad hoc requests ensuring that both staff, visitors and residents enjoy their time with you at your organisation. Impressions are important, especially if you are in a competitive your market. Contact CSL 

Experience concierge should contact Concierge Recruitment 

Concierge Services London have the following vacancies above and below in the United Kingdom. E-mail your resume and covering note to Human Resources at: en*******@co*********************.com

Vacancies beyond the United Kingdom, can be found below these.
Send your resume with a cover letter identifying the role that interests you and why we should consider you for that post. Address your e-mail to
“Human resources” 
Concierge Services London
With the appropriate title such as: “Ref:  Introducer vacancies (Part time)”
Remember to make it clear what country you are based in.
You will need to have evidence of relevant qualifications and experience for all posts except the introducer role..


Care assistant vacancies
You will support our clients achieve good outcomes within their lives, by assisting with personalised care and treatment in a caring, safe environment, while respecting and promoting their choices. These choices may include, for example, their mode of dress, hygiene, diet, activities, accessing the community, shopping and socialising, and so on.


You will be asked to cultivate or care for our clients’ gardens. 
“Handyman” (Or Handyperson)
You will complete domestic repairs and minor renovations for our clients.


You will interpret and translate speech orally. If you have the ability to translate into sign language, on rare occasions, that would be advantageous.

You will assist patients who are 50+, supporting them to leave hospital/s in London by providing short term (up to 4 weeks) practical support e.g. shopping, cleaning etc.
Job Type: Full-time.
Salary: £33, 000 to £35,0000 per year
Please email your CV to: en*******@co*********************.com

Concierge Recruitment Company Services. Non London jobs

Introducer vacancies (Part time)
You will promote our concierge services to your network of family, friends, colleagues, and social networks and refer, those interested in our services, to us.

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