Chauffeur terms and conditions

Chauffeur Terms and Conditions

Concierge Services London will respond either by telephone, or email, giving an individual quote based on the information provided. As required we will negotiate and agree on a price or pricing for the work detailed and agree on a payment method.

For non airport collections we have a 15 minute grace period, after which waiting time may be charged.

For airport arrivals, we monitor the flight arrival time and have a grace period of 60 minutes from the flight landing time. Waiting time, over and above 60 minutes, may be subjected to a charge (in increments of 15 minute time periods) at £7.50 per 15 minutes.

Any variations to the journey/s originally discussed, booked and agreed to, between Concierge Services London and the Client may be subject to additional charges, if these changes involve extra time, parking fees, congestion charges, extra distance being covered and/or subsistence due to extended time.

No service charge is included or expected and forms no part of any price / quote given. This is purely at the discretion of the Client and forms no part of our pricing.

Quotations are based and calculated on hours and mileage starting and ending at our London address. Therefore, you will be charged for our journey TO you and afterwards FROM you, and not necessarily just the time you are in the vehicle itself. An allowance is made for this in our fixed price transfers but for ‘as directed’ services, this time will be charged and included as part of the service within your quote.

Online Bookings:- Very rarely, errors may occur where online routes & quotes are calculated incorrectly. Should this issue arise, and we see the quote to be clearly and obviously incorrect due to a mis-calculation, Concierge Services London maintains the right to send a correct quote and/or cancel orders placed at the incorrect price. If the order has been confirmed and paid for with a card Concierge Services London will refund the amount in full and, should the customer wish, re-book and charge for the correct agreed amount. In the first instance Concierge Services London will contact you to explain should an error of this nature occur.

Every effort will be made to provide the vehicle requested, however circumstances may make the substitution of a similar type / class of vehicle necessary. On occasions subcontracted vehicles may be used.

Every effort will be made by UK London Chauffeur to ensure that the vehicle/s arrive on time at both their pick-up and designated destination locations. The Company shall not be held responsible or liable for any delays (and / or arising consequential losses) that occur, which is beyond our control.

The driver will travel by the most appropriate route on that day, unless instructed or directed otherwise by the Client.

All vehicles are fully insured for the purpose of transportation in accordance with British Law. However properties are carried entirely at the Clients own risk and the Company shall not be held responsible / liable for any losses / damage to such property. It is the responsibility of the Client to ensure that when they vacate the vehicle they take with them all their luggage/items.

Concierge Services London maintains a non smoking policy in all its vehicles.

For executive transport and above, car parking fees (at the prevailing rate) will be added to the overall cost.

Our drivers are professional drivers and are not exempt from their legal driving obligations and as such we do not expect them to compromise these obligations.

For any bookings over the value of £100 we will require a deposit of 50% with the outstanding balance to be cleared at least 7 days before your journey begins.

Please note there is a 2% admin charge for multiple transfers (10 transfers +)

To cancel a booking you must email us or call +44 (0) 203 371 9616. We will confirm your cancellation once received and credit you with any refund in accordance with our policy below:

  • Any job cancelled within 24 hours of the time of hire will forfeit 100% of the cost.
  • Any job cancelled within 48 hours of the time of hire will forfeit 50% of the cost.
  • There will be no charge for cancellations over 48 hours prior to time of hire.
  • However, if a specific vehicle and chauffeur have been requested and a deposit has been paid to secure this request or additional items or services have been purchased on behalf of our clients then we reserve the right to retain the deposit and charge in full for the services/items lost.
  • Any work we undertake shall be subject to these conditions with no exception, so please ensure you have read and fully agree to these terms.

Please note that any driver we provide collecting from a function (party, awards, social event or similar) will wait 40 minutes from the booked pick up time, and if no contact has been made between the client/passenger and driver or office either by voice or text, has the right to leave site and charge in full.

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